Grant Administration Services

Grant Administration Services are provided to our clients seeking additional funding for large scale projects. Keltic Engineering, Inc. submits applications on behalf of our clients and has successfully been awarded funds to aid in project development. We know there are funds available either through grants or low interest loans and we have the resources available to research the best option.

Keltic Engineering’s Grant Administration Services include:

  • Project Conception and Development
  • Grant and Loan Applications
  • Preparation of Cost Estimates for Projects
  • Coordination with regulatory agencies, and municipalities
  • Development of Income Surveys
  • Completion of Environmental Review Records
  • Involvement in Pre-Bid and Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Compilation of Document Box, maintenance of project files
  • Verification of all Civil Rights, Fair Housing, Citizen Participation Requirements
  • Process of Pay Requests
  • Project Status Reports
  • Ensure Project Budget is on track
  • Completion of Project Close-out documents
  • Kamiah American Legion Community Center – Community Development Block Grant
  • Town of Garfield Second Street Waterline Replacement – Community Development Block Grant
  • Garfield County Pea Cannery Demolition – CTED Community Development Block Grant
  • Asotin Lower Water Reservoir Replacement – Public Works Trust Fund Loan
  • City of Asotin – Community Economic Revitalization Grant
  • Town of Garfield Second Street Resurfacing Transportation Improvement Board Grant