Water system designs are critical to any city, county, public or private entity. Keltic Engineering, Inc. tailors our designs to meet client service area, accommodate all terrains and meet design standards. Keltic has worked on over 70 projects that needed engineering services for water systems. These services include:

  •     Municipal Water Master Plans
  •     Mapping of Existing Water Systems
  •     Water Studies
  •     Fire Hydrant Placement
  •     Integrated Design of New Systems to Older Systems
  •     Residential /Municipal Well Design
  •     Project Management
  •     Construction Management

Water Studies Keltic Engineering, Inc. has provided water studies for cities and counties in Idaho and Washington. The studies have been conducted in compliance with the Water System Design Manual for the Washington State Department of Health, the Recommended Standards for Water Works (Seven State Standards), and with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

  •     City of Asotin Water Upgrade Plan
  •     City of Asotin Water Study
  •     Port of Wilma Water Study
  •     City of Craigmont Water System Controls
  •     Nez Perce Plaza Water System Design
  •     Syringa Bank Water Line Extension
  •     WR Timber Waterline
  •     City of Asotin Water Right Usage
  •     Riverstone Center Water Right Usage
  •     Asotin 1st St. Bridge Waterline Replacement
  •     Port of Lewiston – Longview Fiber Waterline
  •     Lewiston Roundup Assoc. Waterline
  •     Lewiston Roundup Assoc. Well
  •     Mann’s Lake Slide Gate